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Implanted on the plates in clay and limestone Portlandien, our Petit Chablis, stems from the Chardonnay grape, provides a wide range of expression from fresh and lively wine, with a nose very floral, white flowers on some notes of citrus lemon.

Discover in his youth, one to two years efter harvest.

Ideal with oysters or as an aperitif, it also accompanies your seafood, shellfish, fish or white meats.

It should be served fresh


Designed with a single variety, Chardonnay, our Chablis of great minerality, talks about the subtle nuances of acacia flowers and exotic fruits.

Soil and wine-making on the fines lees for approximately six monyhs, explain its roundness in the mouth in its early years.

Balanced and very pure, it will accompany your seafood, shellfish, fish or white meats. It will also showcase your aperitifs.

It should be served fresh.

CHABLIS Vieilles Vignes 2016

From vines a Chardonnay aged about sixty years, our Chablis Vieilles Vignes imposes a persistent bouquet and finesse.

Ample, rich and fruity sensations.

Of great minerality, this Wine harmonizes with shellfish, fish, white meats and some cheese.

It should be served fresh.

CHABLIS 1er CRU Les Fourneaux 2016 , très beau millésime

Located on the right bank of the "Serein", our Chabllis 1er Crû is vinified on the fines lees for approximately eight months before being bottled

From the Chardonnay grape, his wealth is expressed on the mineral associated with touches of citrus.

Serve with seafood, lobsters, shellfish, fish or white meats.

It should be served fresh.

CREMANT DE BOURGOGNE by Florence Bachelier - Crémant d'exception - 100% Chardonnay

This exception "Crémant de Bourgogne" was born on our land Appellation "Petit Chablis". The clay-limestone soil, where the sea was present there for millions of years, bring a mineral accent with floral and white fruit.

You will find in our "Crémant" elegance of the Domain Bachelier wines.

You can serve will chilled for yours aperitifs. He alos accompanied with great refinement scallops, fish, desserts.

1001 DEGUSTATIONS.COM Crémant de Bourgogne by Florence Bachelier


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